The primary way that we connect schools and veterans is through our veteran visit program.  Below are some frequently asked questions that help explain more about what those look like, and if you have any questions for us or if you want to arrange for a visitor feel free to send a note to connect@the957project.org.

Are the visits in-person or virtual?

Both! At the moment, we are focusing our attention on virtual visits because many schools are operating in hybrid-learning environments. However, we can make arrangements for in-person visits depending on your location.

How long are the visits?

Generally speaking, our visits last anywhere between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Times can be adjusted based on individual circumstances.  

Do schools have to pay?

No, our veteran visits are absolutely free!

What wars have your veterans served in?

We are exclusively comprised of post-9/11 combat veterans who served as a part of Operation Enduring Freedom and/or Operation Iraqi Freedom.

How should teachers prepare students for veteran visits?

In order to get the most out of the experience, we ask that teachers speak with their students about the visit ahead of time. In addition, the visits work best when all students prepare a list of interview questions that they may want to ask during the meeting so that when the opportunity arises, they have the ability to easily join the conversation. If teachers are interested in using a veteran visit as part of a larger set of lessons in their curriculum, we are happy to partner with them in crafting the format and content of the visit to ensure the best possible student experience.

Is there a theme of the visit?

We always highlight the story of United Flight 93 with students because of its inspirational nature. Additionally, we work with the classroom teacher to figure out how to tailor the visit to their learning goals.  

What happens when the visit is over?

After the visit, students complete a short reflection or “exit ticket”. This reflection provides information for us about what students have learned and helps us improve the overall student experience. We also partner with teachers by sharing student reflections and customizing the reflection prompts in order to help them meet their classroom goals.