Our September 11th discussions with students are facilitated by post 9/11 Veterans of Afghanistan and/or Iraq. They are eyewitnesses to American combat caused by 9/11. They readily admit that the consequences of September 11th affected their life like no other event. This life experience brings an entirely different texture to conversations about courage, resilience, and service.  

 Each of our Veterans has a distinguished record of leadership. All of them have a positive way of communicating with students. Each volunteer participates only after nomination and endorsement by other 9:57 Project veterans. Many are lifelong friends that may have served together. All of them are noncommissioned officers or officers from all branches of the Armed Forces. They may be on active duty, retired, or honorably discharged. Many have advanced degrees from the best universities in the nation, but more importantly, each one has a dedication to duty and to their fellow service members. Stories about battlefield friendships typically resonate the most with students.  

 These Veterans have sacrificed for their country, losing time and friends to the events caused by September 11th. They recognize that the brave passengers and crew of Flight 93 were the first Veterans in the War on Terror.