The 9:57 Project is named for the time when forty passengers and crew of Flight 93 attempted to take back control of the airplane. 9:57 AM marks the time when everyday people acted to wrestle back not only the trajectory of the plane but of history itself. Their valiant move to make it back to their loved ones was sadly not to be, but in their struggle, they gave a precious gift to many others. The fight that they initiated saved countless lives and most likely the United States Capitol.

The events of September 11th are so massive that relating the day and the resulting two wars can be a challenging task for educators. Often overlooked is the unique nature of the story of Flight 93. We believe that this story is central to understanding 9/11. They took a vote. They acted. They saved our Capitol.  And, like our Veterans who facilitate these discussions, they sacrificed for their countrymen in the first moments of a war that has lasted decades.

Read about how the story of Flight 93 helped one of our students, Isaiah, win his birthday back by following the link below.