We ask our students to reflect on their experiences after participating in 9:57 Project events and programming. These reflections are often deeply moving and authentic, and we save them to look back on and inform our work.  Below is a collection of just a few quotes from the many great pieces of writing we've received.  

 "As Mr. Beamer said, 'We better start making memories with the people we have than get sad about the ones we’ve lost.' As long as we’re in this moment, let’s live for it, for you never know when you might have to step up and take the mantle as so many on 9/11 did."

"America as a whole talks about 9/11 a lot, and I do not want to be misconstrued as diminishing the tragedy contained in that day, but many of my classmates and I are not particularly shaken by pictures of burning buildings anymore, as we have become jaded to that style of discussing 9/11. This is why the human aspect is so essential; it’s deeply personal and therefore unique. Anyone can give a slide show, but to collect a group of people who all have stories and insights is incredibly valuable."

“By studying 9/11 we can learn that teaching history well instills empathy in future generations. A good education instills the empathy that can counter terrorism and violence."

"Troubling circumstances can bring out a person’s character in its true form. 9/11 did this very thing to those affected by the attacks...Sacrifice, the ultimate way to salvation that comes at a cost, was shown by the people who perished fighting for our country. 9/11 presents the idea of sacrifice in its fullest human form, and should be adopted by everyone who learns about 9/11."

"There are three groups of people that put others before themselves because of the attacks that happened during 9/11. Those groups of people are the passengers and crew of Flight 93, war veterans, and teachers like [names removed]. These 3 groups are similar in their intentions of sacrifice. The passengers and crew saved the lives of people and our government. Our war veterans gave their lives protecting our country...and then our teachers who helped share information [on 9/11] that may [have] seemed overwhelming and confusing. In the end they all sacrificed something that would then result in benefiting someone else."  

 “'We have a mission' means that we have to discover the good things that came out of events meant for tragedy and to share these stories with others to show that humans have the capability to do good even when there are negative things happening."